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RM Modular and automation-T-Slot Aluminum Extruded Profiles and accessories to customers through out Australia.

T-Slot Aluminium refers to a system of structural Aluminium profiles with T shaped slots. The aluminium is extruded into long sections which can be easily cut to size and joined to build an impressive array of products The slots are used to provide structural strength and to encapsulate the T nuts which are used to attach the sections of the profile together.

The core of the profile can be tapped to form a thread that can house a bolt that is used to hold the sections together.

T-Slot Aluminium extrusions are used to create a framing system that uses the slots along the face of the extrusion to hold a variety of nuts and accessories.

this is usually manufactured from 6063-T5 Aluminium that has been anodised to provide a durable finish.

This system is often compared to an industrial “Mechano set” and it can be used for an astonishingly large variety of applications.

Using T-Slot Aluminium extrusions to build a framework has a number of advantages because it is easy to use and components can be easily relocated. There is no requirement for risky procedures such as welding or painting during the construction process and this system is usually more cost-effective to use than conventional systems such as welded frames.

RM Modular and automation supply aluminium profiles, aluminium joints, aluminium extrusion connectors and accessories directly (including cutting/drilling/ tapping to your sizes), or we can undertake the complete assembly of frames and systems to your design requirements.

We can supply large order quantities or will happily supply to the smaller users by the bar or for small volumes.

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