Design and Fabrication

Working according to our customers’ requirements we are able to offer a complete service from analysing a challenging problem to proposing a solution, creating a design and manufacturing a completed product.We use solidworks 3D modeling software to create a design solution for you.

We can bring you ideas to life .

  • Custom made work stations
  • clean rooms
  • conveyor systems
  • linear motion systems
  • machine framing and guards
  • Certified welding
  • Precision machining
  • Fabrication

Customised Safety Fencing

Safety fencing is a critical and legal requirement for most robotic cells and many machinery cells. A safety fence creates a physical barrier between potentially dangerous machinery and the human workforce, creating a safe workplace and one that complies with modern workplace health and safety regulations. Safety fencing can be designed with light curtains to allow periodic access for people, forklifts, AGVs whilst still retaining safety compliance. Alternatively we can also offer a more simple, a gated system with isolation sensors or stops. Fence panels are most commonly supplied as mesh but an increasing number of clients are also utilising polycarbonate panels (where appropriate).

If you require regular access into the safety cell for  routine maintenance or cleaning, we can design the safety fence to utilise a patented patented Quick Release Panel System (see the second Tab) developed by our partners Alusic for easy removal of fence panels whilst still isolating the machinery from operation, but which remains fully secure during normal operation and therefore maintaining safety compliance.

Customised Machine Guards

RM modular and automation has a strong track record in designing, manufacturing and installing machine guards for key clients across all industry sectors. Using our 3D CAD software, our team of engineers can design a machine guard to suit your specific machinery that:

  • Will comply with Workplace Health and Safety regulations and Australian Design standards
  • Is user friendly, being easy to clean and access the machines for maintenance
  • Is efficient and safe for your personnel to use – both from the machine itself and operation of the guarding
  • Provides options to provide a full enclosure to the machinery to assist in eliminating product contamination

Machine Guarding can be simple or complex, but using t-slot extrusions can make the task much easier and flexible and results in rapid fabrication of your machine guard. By using our CAD software to combine modular sections of aluminium profile, a complete assembly can be designed quickly and simply. By choosing a special “panel slot” aluminium profile, panels including clear poly-carbonate, solid composite materials or steel mesh can be accommodated within the aluminium profile sections. We can even utilise a patented Quick Release Panel System (see the second Tab) developed by our partners Alusic for easy removal of safety panels for maintenance, but yet which remains fully secure to maintain your full safety requirements.

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