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RM Modular and automation

We stock an extensive range of  T slot extrusions and accessories in Melbourne. We can supply material, design your project for you or manufacture what you are looking for depending on your requirements. Aluminium extrusions are excellent for machine frames, machine guarding, linear slides and drives, conveyor systems, CNC machines, robotics, prototyping, clean rooms, Camper van conversions and much more.

We provide the following services:

  • Aluminium T slot extrusions and accessories – We stock a broad range of T-Slot extruded Aluminium profiles suitable for industrial and other applications. We have a large range of accessories and can design and manufacture custom made products using this extruded Aluminium system.
  • Mechanical design – Solid works 3D modelling software
  • Customs framing - (Aquarium, enclosure, portable trolly, workbench, sim rig, Lab table and trolly and a lot more .)
  • Manufacturing – welding, machining, hydraulics and turnkey projects
  • Maintenance – Long term contract and programed maintenance

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